State Level Banker’s Committee (SLBC), Sikkim
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Constitution of SLBC

The SLBC is an inter-institutional forum for coordination and joint implementation of development programmes and policies by all the financial institutions operating in 9 state. Although SLBC is envisaged as a bankers’ forum, Government officials are also included.

Organizational Structure

The SLBC comprises of representatives of all Commercial Banks and Chairmen of Regional Rural Banks operating in the state. Representatives of the state Cooperative banks, Reserve Bank of India , NABARD shall also be invited to attend the meetings of the committee. The level of participation is the Zonal/Regional heads of banks stationed at the state headquarters, for expeditious decision-making. The Chairmen of RRBs will represent the Regional Rural Banks. Banks having less than 5 branches in the State could however be represented by the Branch Manager of the State head quarter's branch and shall act as the State coordinator.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has been constituted by the SLBC when the membership of the SLBC is too large to permit effective deliberations for decision-making. The Steering Committee will be constituted with 10 or more major Commercial banks and Cooperative banks, to discuss problems and to evolve a course of action for adoption by the SLBC. The committee shall entrust any specific problem to be studied in depth, to a "Study Group' comprising of representatives of Banks having greater expertise at their common. The Study Group shall outline the course of action to such specific problem.

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